Posted by: kimmeroo | October 10, 2011

Summer in Review: Part 1

Having just started this blog, the vast majority of excursions from this past summer have not been documented. Of course, neither have those before then, but let’s be realistic and realize that I’ll be lucky to keep this updated from this summer on, let along before that. I sticking with the realism theme, there’s no way I’ll go back and do detailed reports of every trip this summer. But in the interest of documenting each trip to some degree, here is a brief description of trips taken in the summer of 2011.

April: Goulais River Day Paddle

In April Conor and I did a day trip down the Goulais River. No dog this time. He was inexperienced in a canoe, so early in the season we weren’t risking him dumping us in rapids, no matter how minor the rapids are!

April 31 – May 1: Agawa River

At the end of April we paddled the Agawa River, an overnight trip in Lake Superior Provincial Park, with a photographer from Michigan and a friend of his. They were coming up to do a Temagami trip with us, but to give the ice a couple extra days to melt (!!), we shortened the Temagami trip and did the Agawa first. We have done this river lots of times, and it is always a beautiful trip.

On the train, heading to the put-in

Cooling off in a snowbank after the first portage

Aaron and Jim

May 2-7: Temagami Ice Trip  

Waiting the extra couple of days didn’t help the ice situation much. Unfortunately the dates couldn’t really be totally changed, since Conor had a story assignment and Aaron the photographer was only available at that time. So we went… spent the first day sometimes paddling but mostly skidding across ice or bashing through rotting ice for about 10km… then sat in camp for 3 days with a bit of paddling around playing icebreaker… then bashed our way out again. It was…different. Jack stayed home for this one too.

Candle Ice

Waiting for the ice to melt

May 8: Robertson Cliffs Hike and Robertson Lake Paddle

Getting tired of leaving Jack at home, so this was a day to start getting him used to the canoe. Hiked up Robertson Cliffs first to tire him out a bit, and then went for a paddle on Robertson Lake. He did pretty well!



June 18-19: Lake Superior

Went on an overnighter on Lake Superior with Conor’s younger sister, Cameron. Jack came along on this one. Put in at Coldwater, paddled north a ways, and back to the car the next day.

June 4-5:  Batchewana River

A new river for us! Paddled the Batchewana in a canoe, and Craig came along in a kayak. Did it as an overnight, but it would be a fun one to take an extra day on. The water was juuuuust high enough, so it would be fun to do it again after a bit more rain.

Craig Scouting

Craig paddling

May 19-23: Temagami Take 2

Returned to Temagami just the two of us, and successfully made it to Mihell Lake. Travelled an infrequently traveled route (i.e., portages were very well hidden, and very rough…). One of the more physically challenging canoe trips we’ve done (we’re talking a 12h day with hardly any breaks), but also one of the best.

Ishpatina Ridge – Highest Point in Ontario


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