Posted by: kimmeroo | October 10, 2011

Summer in Review: Part 2

July 16-17: Backpacking at Gargantua    

Went on a backpacking trip with some girls from work. Drove up Friday after work and camped in Gargantua harbour, hiked up to Warp Bay for the second night, and then out on Sunday. Weather was beautiful. Best past was meeting a family who apparently own Jack’s brother, and were able to give us the scoop on where he was from (Searchmont, apparently, from a fellow who raised sled dogs, but then moved out west). Although lots of dogs came on this trip, Jack stayed at home. I didn’t need to contribute to the chaos 🙂

Ren cooking up some egg mcmuffins for breakfast

Em and Lisa

Xena and Emmy Lou


Eden evacuating a fox carcass from our preferred campsite

Ranger hit the wall

Clearly piling pots and pans on top of the food is a valid alternative to hanging a bear bag…clearly

July 22-24: Flack Lake Loop

Canoe trip north of Elliot Lake. A loop starting and ending on Flack Lake. A really nice trip, apart from the most southern lake (Dunlop) we hit which is covered in cottages. Jack came on this one too. He is a portaging specialist, with a real routine of running back and forth to check on both of us.


Jack blueberry picking

5 Star accommodations

July 30 – August 1: Backpacking Lake Superior Park

Megan came up from Ottawa for a long weekend adventure, and we hit up the park for some backpacking. Started at Coldwater, hiked north and set up camp on Friday. A day trip north and back on Saturday, and then out again on Sunday. We need to get together for trips more often!


Jack was loving the water on this trip

Red sky at night, sailor’s delight


Typical terrain

Scratch my belly Human

Just a little bit needy

Surveying his Domain

On the last dayJack would run ahead, find a big tree and wait patiently in the shade until we caught up, and then repeat

August 27: Belanger Lake Day Paddle

Did a day trip into Belanger Lake in Lake Superior Park. Conor had been there before, but first time there for me (and Jack).

And lastly, just because the pictures are cute:

Jack developed a new habit of sitting on laps:

I went blueberry picking with Lisa and the dogs in August. The dogs played hard, and were very docile on the car ride home:

Jack had surgery to remove an abscess from his neck at the end of August. In general the whole experience sucked for all involved, but he actually seemed quite fond of the hot water bottle treatment he received 4-5x a day. He is one snuggly hound!


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