Posted by: kimmeroo | October 28, 2011

Lake Superior Park

The water levels weren’t up as hoped for a river trip last weekend, so instead we took the opportunity to do a flatwater trip in Lake Superior Provincial Park. One of our favourite destinations is Old Woman Lake, a beautiful lake which is quite challenging to get to. We went in via the put-in on Gamitagama Lake – a route involving 6 challenging portages. Rather than face the same portages on the way back, we went out via Mijin Lake. This route only has 3 portages, but was a bit of a gamble as you need to paddle through a large wetland, which becomes impossible if the water isn’t high enough…which would result in having to backtrack and do all 9 portages again (yikes!). According to the log book in the old cabin on Old Woman Lake canoeists had come in via that route in September, so we took the chance and it worked out well. Spent Saturday night on Mijin Lake near the take-out, since we had an 11k walk back to our vehicle the next morning which we wanted to tackle early to hopefully miss the forecasted rain. Everything went smoothly, and we were back in town before the rain arrived.

A highlight was the howling wolf pack on Sunday morning. Jack was intrigued, but not enough to stray from the campsite. We even got to see a wolf run across the highway on our drive home.

And now some pics:

We ran into ice shortly after starting on Friday…just a little bit in a shady corner, but a sure sign that winter is coming!

Descent into Old Woman Lake

Misty Morning on Old Woman Lake

Skipped the standard oatmeal in favour of bacon and (powdered) eggs

Can’t beat the view

I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of pictures of Jack in a canoe

Portaging out of Old Woman Lake

Grrrr vicious hound!

Cave Dog learned to love the fire

The winding road back to the car

The whole famdamily


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