Posted by: kimmeroo | November 27, 2011

Gales of November


November 5-6th was this year’s annual Gales of November. An informal get-together of kayakers looking to paddle some rough water and have some fun. More or less the same group of friends has been doing this since sometime in the 80s.  I’m not as in tune with this gang as Conor is. He knows the full scoop. In fact, he has written articles about it:

Conor went up earlier in the week to meet up with a few folks and do a little trip before the weekend. I drove up on Saturday morning, but rather than bringing my kayak this year I brought the dog instead and planned to do some hiking. Some friends now living in Palmer Rapids drove up for the weekend as well.

Hikes included the Awausee trail on Saturday, the Sand River trail on Sunday en route to Wawa (spent Sunday and Sunday night there), and the Orphan Lake trail en route back home on Monday. Conor and co also got some good surf sessions in, and Vince and I had a nice paddle up the Michipicoten River.

November camping is much more comfortable in Bruce’s moose tent, complete with wood stove.

November hasn’t been a stellar month for getting out and about, but at least we can tick off one camping trip for the month. Now we just need to get out in December and this’ll be my first year camping every month 🙂 (a first for Conor too, I think).


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