Posted by: kimmeroo | November 27, 2011

Goulais River

Well, we’re still waiting for snow and ski season, but at least water levels have come up for paddling. We took advantage today and canoed the easy section of the Goulais. Our friend Bruce came along as well, paddling Conor’s plastic sea kayak.

Put In

We brought Jack the Dog, and used it as a good training run to teach him to follow us on shore. Paddling rapids can be a bit sketchy with a 65# dog shifting his weight around… Apart from one incident where he swam right across the (fairly wide) river, he actually did pretty well. Definitely a bit of panic at being left on shore, but not as bad as previous attempts.

This was also a chance to try out a new plastic wannigan and stove that Conor has to review. The stove especially is definitely a winner.

The weather was decent, with the rain stopping as we put in, and the snow not starting in earnest until we were almost home.

On a totally random note, a friend was passing through earlier this week and stayed the night with his dog, Luna. Poor Luna is not nearly as playful as Jack, and Jack was relentless in tormenting her trying to play. Managed to snap this photo in a rare moment of calm.


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