Posted by: kimmeroo | January 23, 2012

New Years Camping

There wasn’t much snow in town over the New Years weekend, but we crossed our fingers and headed north to the park, where there is typically more snow. We headed out on Friday, December 30, and hit the trail a bit after noon. The plan was to ski down Gargantua Rd., camp somewhere along the road (ideally next to a river for water, where Conor has camped before), and explore the area for the next few days.

When we stopped to camp, Conor set off to collect firewood, and I got to work digging out a spot for the tent.

Setting up camp takes a lot more time and effort using this system, but it’s worth it when you have warm, comfortable space to hang out in.

And here is how the set-up looks:

The next morning we headed off down the road towards the lake. The hope was to ski to the lake and then along the coastal trail to Warp Bay, but there was less and less snow the closer we got to the end of the road…

The trail was not quite snowless, but definitely nowhere near skiable. We ditched the skis and started hiking instead.

Getting close to Warp Bay

The final section of trail leading to Warp Bay was especially icy and treacherous. We avoided the worst of it on the way out by walking on the river. Nonethless, we made it, and the scenery was beautiful.

On the way back we walked the beach at Gargantua Harbour instead of the trail. Stopped for a little boob tube session.

It was long day, and we were pretty tired that night. I zonked out pretty early, but Conor lasted a little longer.

On January 1 we woke up to rain. Happy 2012…the year of global warming… It didn’t take long for it to turn into wet snow. We spent the day holed up in the tent, with each of us taking Jack out for skis throughout the day.

We skied out on the second. Well, to be accurate, I was on skis and Conor was on snowshoes. The toboggan with the tent and much of the gear is a real challenge (to put it politely) to pull, and wasn’t possible on skis. It would have been easier if I had also been on snowshoes because the track I was leaving was a bit too narrow, but we only had one pair. Lesson learned for next time. Luckily, our friend Chris snowshoed in and met us partway out, so he was able to help break trail for Conor, making it much easier. He also took a few photos for us.

And so ends another great trip. Happy New Year (and cross your fingers for colder weather and more snow)!


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