Posted by: kimmeroo | March 21, 2012

Family Day Weekend

We took advantage of Family Day weekend to get out for a couple of nights in Lake Superior Park. Jorma, Lorraine, and Craig joined us for a day ski on Saturday, and then we stayed until Monday. We headed in from Crescent Lake Campground, and explored the area lakes over the next couple of days. As it turned out, it was a beautiful area, but you could really cover all the lakes in a day, so we ended up covering a lot of the same ground multiple times. So maybe not somewhere we’ll go back for a multi-day, but it was nice once and definitely worth it for a day trip. The beautiful spring-like weather was also pretty enjoyable!

And here are some pics:

Impressive cliffs

And impressive trees

I should consider getting some clothes that match…at least more than these ones do

Jack keeping an eye on things

Nice evening light

Home Sweet Home

Stove set-up – the green logs underneath are so it doesn’t melt down into the snow

Heading out on Monday

Unfortunately this was the last chance we had to get out winter camping this year. We were hoping for a longer trip in March, but the abnormally warm temperatures wrecked that idea. Hopefully next winter will be much more winter-y!


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