Posted by: kimmeroo | March 29, 2012

The Wabos Loppett

I was cleaning out my camera this morning, and realized that I had photos on it from the Wabos Loppett which I hadn’t uploaded yet. The Wabos Loppett is an event put on by Stokely Creek north of the Sault in early March. It’s quite a unique event. Participants take the train from Sault Ste. Marie to Wabos (which really consists of just a few camps), unload at Wabos, and ski from there to Stokely Creek Lodge where a bbq awaits. The route starts on old logging roads and trails, and then you enter onto Stokely’s actual trail system.

I did the Wabos this year with my friend Erin, who has been wanting to do it for years.  It snowed a lot the night before, so conditions were quite good. The real challenge was that the first section had only been groomed by snowmachine, so the trail was very narrow with deep snowbanks on the sides, making it tricky to pass. The lesson learned was to sprint off the train and make sure to get out in front if you don’t want to be stuck behind people. This loppett is definitely not a race, and there is a wide range of participants… Nonetheless it was a great day. We took a slightly longer route back on the Stokely trails so covered about 30km (the standard route is 27km).

Erin off the train and ready to go

And they’re off!

Tea and cookie break

Erin enjoying some tea before the big climb of the day

Second stop at Norm’s Cabin on the Stokely trails. A warm fire, tea, cookies, oranges… hard to leave once you get there!


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