Posted by: kimmeroo | May 8, 2012

Batchawana River

The weekend of April 21-22 we did another overnighter. This time on the local Batchawana River. Craig came with us on this trip, and we opted to take the train in again (you can drive, but the road gets very rough).

The rapids on the Batch are a bit bigger and longer than on the Agawa, so it is a very fun run. 5 portages in total, but none are too tough. There are 3 decent sized waterfalls, with a somewhat tricky rapid leading up to the main Batchawana Falls. As we did last year, we portaged the gear and then ran the rapid empty. We pulled off just slightly earlier than last year, which was a good call – much less bashing into rocks. Camped on the same island as last year.

Using the train to get to the river:

And we’re off. The river is quite scenic.

5 star accommodations.

Rapid leading up to Batchawana Falls

Put-in below the falls:

Craig paddling beneath the falls


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