Posted by: kimmeroo | May 15, 2012

Pukaskwa River – Day 3

Day 3 – Oxford Ledge to Ringham’s Gorge

Day 3 was another nice, sunny day. We took our time in the morning, relaxing with some reading (me) and fishing (Conor). Shortly after getting going we hopped out of the boat again to spend a few minutes looking for an old stone sauna that some friends had come across while doing the river a few years back. Their directions were a bit vague, however, and we didn’t have any luck in our search.

There were a lot of rapids today, so a steady mix of portaging the harder, bonier stuff and running the easier stuff. We traveled through the long stretch of rapids called the ‘Pukaskwa Rapids’ today. The morning was portage free until we got to Fun Falls. It was a beautiful spot with nice sun, so we decided to have an early lunch there. We ran the short rapid leading up to the falls, and then pulled out in a sandy little cove for lunch. From there it was a quick lift-over the rocks to put in below the falls.

Rapid leading up to Fun Falls

Overlooking Fun Falls

The afternoon was full of lots of portaging to make up for the morning.

That night we camped another small island about 1km upstream of the take out for Ringham’s Gorge. There is a campsite right at the take-out, but Conor had camped there before and knew it was nothing to write home about, so we were quite happy to find a nice little island instead.


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