Posted by: kimmeroo | May 26, 2012

Pukaskwa River – Day 5

This was our last day on the river. We portaged around Pothole Falls, ran the Gorge Rapid, and then did the final 1100m portage around Schist Falls. Schist Falls actually consists of a falls-rapids-falls. The rapid would be runnable, but there are some tough spots and it runs straight into the final falls which you would absolutely not want to end up in. We played it safe and just did the straight portage.

Pothole Falls:

Schist Falls (bottom drop):

At the end of the portage we took a bit of time to relax before paddling the last few hundred meters to the mouth. Conor did some fishing, I relaxed in the sun, and we did a quick family photo shoot (only missing the dog – one day we hoped to have him trained for river tripping).

Once we got out to the mouth it was obvious that it was too windy to paddle on the lake. Conor managed to get a forecast by scrambling up onto some high rocks, and the wind was forecast to stay strong through the night, so we set up camp and hunkered down, hoping for good weather the following day. The wind did actually end up dying down in the evening, but based on the forecast we expected the weather to turn nasty again so didn’t bother taking down and heading out. We had half cooked pizza for supper and half cooked bran baking for dessert – officially done with the ‘Official Boy Scout Reflector Oven’!

Our set-up on the beach at the river mouth:


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