Posted by: kimmeroo | June 3, 2012

Pukaskwa River – Day 9

It was windy all night, and still windy in the morning. Not what we were hoping to wake up to. We went for it, but it was another challenging paddle with strong headwinds and pretty big seas (again, from the perspective of a canoe). Actually, I would rank the morning paddle as one of our most unpleasant paddles, with the tension of yet another day of strong wind and waves leading to a few terse discussions between the two of us. Ah well, not every paddle can be idyllic!

We made it to the Dog River mid-morning, which turned out to be quite a popular place! Our friend Chris had kayaked up the night before and was camped there. Another friend had brought four fishermen up in his boat for the day, and later on two more guys boated in to spend the weekend and do some maintenance on the hiking trail. Quite a lot of people, considering we hadn’t seen a soul during the previous 8 days.

We spend quite a bit of time at the Dog. Started the hike with Chris and Joel. Took our time, and Chris and Conor did some fishing on the way. Conor caught one little guy and released him, and Chris caught one and cooked it up immediately on a fire. It was good, if you like rustic sushi.

Joel turned back when you have to cross the Jimmy Kash creek which was running relatively high, and the 3 of us carried on to Denison Falls. Such a beautiful and powerful spot. Clambered up the rocks to the top of the falls, and also walked the portage trail to check out the take-out above the gorge, which didn’t look too tricky at all.

We left Chris to do some more fishing on the hike back (he was camping another night), and got back to the beach around 4. The wind had FINALLY died. We had a quick, late lunch (fortunately Chris had shared some Clif bars on the trail – I was ravenous) and hit the water again. The forecast, naturally, was for a headwind to develop by morning, so although we were tired and would have liked to stop sooner we pushed it all the way to Dore, and had a late supper at about 8:30 or 9.

The whale rock at Dore

Dore Falls


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