Posted by: kimmeroo | June 4, 2012

Run the Great Lakes 5k

Even though I called this blog “The Running Paddler,” I don’t think I have had a single post about running yet… Well, here’s the first one! I ran the Run the Great Lakes 5k yesterday morning. It was a toss up between the 5k and the 10k, but I haven’t been getting in the mileage I should be for the half marathon I’m aiming to do in July, so figured my best bet was to do a long run earlier in the week and then the 5k race.

I had no idea what time to aim for. Haven’t run a short race in ages, and my runs now are largely on roads with the dog (so run, sniff, run, pee, run, sniff sniff, etc.) or on somewhat challenging trails, with some walking up hills and whatnot… But I guess those runs are working, because I had a great race! My time was 23:20, which I think is my fastest 5k time…I have never beaten 23 minutes, and I don’t think I have ever been that close – wooohoooo! I have my eyes on a sub-23 next year…

Less important, but still kinda fun, is how I placed in the race. I was 18/194 overall, and 1/22 in the F20-29 category. I rarely come first, especially with that many people, so I am pretty darn happy with that!

Also, shout out to Kristen who took something crazy like 15min off of her 10k time, and broke the 1h mark with time to spare in 57:48. Way to go Kristen!



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