Posted by: kimmeroo | June 4, 2012

Temagami Canoeing

Taking a step back to before the Great Lakes run, we did a week long canoe trip in Temagami from May 17-23. As I’ll explain further in a minute, this isn’t really my story to tell, but in the interest (for my own personal records) of having a comprehensive record of trips I’m going to include a brief write-up, sans pictures.

Last November, a young man went missing in Temagami. Along with the authorities, the canoeing community really came together to try to find Dan. At the time we were able to do little other than follow the search updates on the computer. However, through the jigs and the reels we ended up collaborating with the family and a group of guys running a birchbark canoe building program in Temagami to plan a trip to help search. Incredibly enough we actually found some strong evidence of where Dan had been, so the planned trip took an unexpected turn and we paddled out to Camp Wanapitei to alert the family and the authorities. Spent a couple of days at the camp, and then paddled back to the take-out.

That’s the gist of it. Updates and info are provided on this forum (see the ‘Alert: Missing Person thread). I would urge anyone heading up for a trip in that area to check for updates before leaving and stay alert while you’re out there.

As an aside, from a personal perspective it was a very different trip (apart from the obvious). We have done a few trips in the Temagami area now, and although we have always enjoyed traveling through the region we have always felt like we were just visitors. While we still are, really, during the course of this trip we had the opportunity to spend some time with and start getting to know some of the local people, and both Conor and I are really starting to feel more of a personal connection to Temagami now. I’d also like to send out a big thank you to Camp Wanapitei for the hospitality they extended to us. While the reason behind our time there was certainly a serious one, we did enjoy spending some time and getting to know the folks there.


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