Posted by: kimmeroo | June 13, 2012

Jack’s Story

Jack is clearly one of the photo stars of this blog, so I thought it would be fun to do a post about the hound.

Jack is a humane society dog, from the Sault Ste. Marie Humane Society. Conor and I were always cruising that website and pointing out the cute dogs to each other, but one or the other of us was always reluctant to go take a look in person, because we knew all too well that as soon as we set foot in that door we would be coming home with a dog.

Finally, in December 2010 a hound named Ferdinand caught our eye, and on a Saturday morning we headed over to the Humane Society…only to find out that it didn’t open until noon! OH NO! Luckily neither of us chickened out over the next couple of hours, and we headed back to check out the pups.

Ferdinand was one of the first dogs we saw when we walked in, but more notably he was one of the first dogs we HEARD. He was very cute, but was barking like a machine gun, which is particularly painful to listen to in echo-y rooms filled with metal kennels. But, across the aisle from Ferdinand was a very cute husky, lying quietly and looking at us with his tail thumping. 10 month old Jack. Our hearts melted then and there. We hadn’t even noticed him on the website. When I went back to look at his picture online, I saw that the pictures chosen were not the most flattering of him. For example, he has a huge skull, so by focusing this photo on his head he looks kinda like an alien:

I can see the cuteness now, but at first glance the picture didn’t draw us in.

Anyhow, we took him out for a quick walk in the parking lot, and cuddled him a bit. Conor looked at me and asked “What do you think?” To which I replied “I think we should get him!,” and that was that, Jack was coming home with us.

We got home a few minutes later and opened the back door to head in. Jack took one look inside and panicked, scrambling backwards. We’re not sure why…maybe because you can see straight down the stairs into the dark basement? Who knows. Regardless, he squirmed out of his collar, and we were afraid he was going to bolt, so Conor tackled him and carried him inside. A slightly more traumatic entrance to his new home than we would have liked… He definitely seemed a bit unsure of his surroundings the first evening. He gets a very ‘flat’ look about him when he is nervous.

But he settled in quickly.

Although he didn’t seem too stoked about his Cone of Silence when he got neutered later that month. We tried not to laugh too hard as he ran into walls. He got his revenge by leaping onto the bed and weaseling in between us with his giant cone on.

He quickly became an important member of our little family, and a wonderful companion on our outdoor adventures. He is a great skiing dog. He is a winter specialist who absolutely adores the snow.

We have even been working on skijoring with him.

He has turned into a good canoeing dog too. He was a little sketched out the first time we took him, which was only shortly after we got him (January 2, I think).

Although he relaxed after a few minutes.


He’s totally calm, cool, and collected about it now. He knows not to stand up in canoe, although we can’t really train him not to shift back and forth, so we do have to be on top of it and shift our weight to compensate too. He sleeps a lot in the canoe, especially on multi-day trips, which is great because he can’t shift as suddenly when he is lying down. His favourite part of canoeing is portaging. He generally runs back and forth between Conor and I as we carry the gear over. He does still need lots of practice running the shore while we paddle, so he can come on some whitewater trips with us.

He is a great camper, and has been on canoeing, skiing, and hiking trips.

Jack is a good little running buddy too. He is a bit annoying on city runs, because he always wants to stop to sniff and mark trees and telephone poles and everything else, but he is ok. Best for everyone is trail running, because he can be off-leash doing his own thing.

He isn’t as good with biking, mostly because hot weather really does a number on him, and he has to run quite fast to keep up with cyclists. Fortunately I wouldn’t count biking as one of our major activities, so it’s not too big a deal.

His personality is hilarious. He is extremely playful, with both people and dogs. We fondly refer to him as The Rug because of his habit of following is around and then flopping down like a run and watching whatever it is we’re doing.

He also likes to lie like a frog, which we call his ‘sproing ready’ position (like in the above picture in his cone).

Geez, I could go on forever about this creature, but I better end it now. The only thing I’ll add is that although we came home with Jack, we still watched the website to check up on Ferdinand, and I was happy to see that he got adopted as well, and hasn’t reappeared at the Humane Society. Hopefully he is loving life wherever he is!



  1. Great pic of him peeking in (or out?) of the tent.

    • He’s peeking in. Conor is a good photographer 🙂

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