Posted by: kimmeroo | June 18, 2012

Weekend in Wawa

June is one of Conor’s busy kayak guiding/instructing seasons, but I had a chance this weekend to head up to Wawa to hang out and spend the weekend together in between his trips. I brought his younger sister Cameron up to – she’s always game for some adventures with her big brother.

Saturday was a hot hot hot sunny day. We all swam a whole bunch, including a pre-bedtime huck at 10pm. First order of business when we arrived was a canoe paddle along Driftwood Beach.  Hung out on the islands at the end of the beach for awhile, and then paddled back.

Along the way we tossed Jack out on the beach a few times to get him to practice running the shore while we paddle. He’s getting the hang of it, but he also really likes swimming so periodically will decide to swim out to us. Not a good habit in whitewater!

Come get me please Humans

Cameron was keen to do some gunwale bobbing so Jack and I hopped out on shore. I had the camera at the ready – gunwale bobbing is sure to lead to some good photo ops!

Starting to bob…

But before they really got going Jack decided to see what was going on and swam out to the canoe, so they herded him back to shore before trying again.

Hey guys, what’s going on out here!?

Back to shore Buddy

Go Jack Go!

Back to gunwale bobbing… this is more like it!

After we were all sufficiently waterlogged we headed back to the beach for lunch. Jack isn’t a big fan of heat or the sun, so he found himself some shade.

What you lookin’ at?

After lunch we decided to take some stand-up paddleboards up the river. We weren’t sure how Jack would be on a board, but we knew he’d freak if we left him on shore, so he was coming with us…

Conor started off on his knees, not sure of how things would go.

But he did great!

Although sometimes when he was getting bored or anxious we would squirm right to the tip and start dragging his legs in the water…never actually jumped off though.

Cameron had fun playing around.

That night for supper we tried out some new cooking equipment. First, we used a little bug stove, which is actually a little wood-fueled campstove. We were pretty impressed with it. Even more impressive though was the outback oven. We made an enchilada meal, which we baked for 10 minutes in the oven.

Hot coals below, and a little fire right on top

The result was absolutely delicious. Looking forward to using this to do more baking on trips!

A photo really doesn’t do it justice. All the goodness was on the inside!

It was a long, hot day, and we were all tired by the end of it. Jack especially.

This photo reminds me of a crime scene shot

Not many photos from Sunday. In fact, just one, of Jack keeping a sharp watch on a chipmunk while we cooked up breakfast.

It rained overnight, and was a much cooler day. Before lunch we walked up to a nearby cave, and then went for a canoe paddle up the river to check out Silver Falls. After lunch Cameron and I hit the road. The drive had one highlight though, because we saw two bears! First a big black one standing at the side of the road, and just a hundred metres or so up the road a cinnamon coloured one was munching the grasses in the ditch. I knew that black bears can come in a variety of colours, but had only ever seen black ones, so that was very cool.

And now I am ready for a good night’s sleep before re-entering the workforce tomorrow!


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