Posted by: kimmeroo | July 11, 2012

Not Paddling to Ile Parisienne

We had big plans this past weekend. Plans to paddle 14km out to Ile Parisienne to camp. The weather forecast was good. Warm and not much wind. However, the weather forecast was also wrong. We got going early Saturday morning, and were immediately paddling into a headwind. Paddled along the coast for an hour or so, then landed and hung out for a few hours staring at the whitecaps and freezing to death. 14km into whitecaps and a headwind didn’t sound too appealing. Gave up on the crossing after lunch, and instead explored up the coast a little ways farther, and then whipped back to the put-in with the wind at our backs. A nice paddle, but sadly not what we had planned. Guess we’ll try again in the fall.

Yellow kayaks are where it’s at

Bruce was pretty stressed out

There was a human poop sitting on a rock. Nasty. Eventually Conor pushed it into hiding.

Oh look, waves. A small hint of what was waiting for us on the open water.


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