Posted by: kimmeroo | October 14, 2012

Snow Dogs

Some good friends of ours just got married, and we get the pleasure of taking care of their two pooches while they are off on their honeymoon adventures. Jack and Nomad are particularly good friends, so they are loving this extended slumber party. Clover tolerates Jack because he keeps Nomad out of her hair (fur?). To add to the fun, we had our first real snowfall on Thursday! It lasted through to today, but now the rain is doing a number on it. We took advantage of it while it lasted though.

Human! Take us for a walk!!!

Lisa brought her fur-boys over for walk on Saturday. Hi Gibson!

Covered in slobber…

Jack eyeing up Nomad…in roughly 0.0002 seconds they were having an ultimate fighting championship in the kitchen.

A regal beast

Run dogs run!

Wat u lookin at?

Nomad really hated the snow

Clover quenching her thirst

The plantation section


As an aside, a sign of true exhaustion is when Jack will remove himself from the area in the house where all the other dogs/people are, and put himself to bed. I had to search for him to take this picture, so he was definitely tired!


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