Posted by: kimmeroo | November 25, 2012

Albany River 2012, Part 1

This past August we did our biggest canoe trip to date = 28 days. My longest before that was 11 days. Conor had done some big sea kayak trips, but this was his biggest canoe venture as well. Originally I had big plans for detailed blog posts describing the trip. But it’s almost December and frankly, that ain’t gonna happen. So instead here is a somewhat sparse description with lots of photos. Although if you want to see the really good photos, you’ll have to buy a copy of Canoe and Kayak magazine when the story comes out :).

We started by catching the train in Nakina. This was a bit of a fiasco. For future reference, not all conductors would consider this crate acceptable…

Slightly ghetto, I’ll admit

Her point may have been proven after he chewed his way out and was found wandering around in the baggage cart. Fortunately he didn’t destroy anything other than the crate.

Along with the dog, here is everything we needed for two people for a month.

The big blue barrel was @&#%^&# heavy.

We traveled with a couple from Quebec, Etienne and Max.

We got off the train at an outpost camp at 1am in the rain, but fortunately were able to snag a cabin for what was left of the night. The next morning we started paddling on the Flindt River.

Lunch on Day 1

We traveled through a series of lakes and rivers before hitting the Albany on day 9.

Savant River

Took a rest day on Velos Lake

Sunset on Velos.

Nice lunch spot

Max and Etienne traveled with a traditional canvas tent and woodstove.

It came in handy on wet and miserable days (although there weren’t many of those, fortunately).


We ate well. For instance:


Fruit compote!


And of course, fish.

WALLEEEEEEEEYE! As you can see, Conor is stoked that it is not a pike.

Heeeeere lunker lunker lunker…

Cleaning the fish on my paddle – that was as close I got to this part of the operation.

In the pan ready for cookin’. Mmm mmm.

More to come!


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