Posted by: kimmeroo | November 27, 2012

Albany River 2012, Part 2

We had some beautiful campsites. We also had some bush camps where we had to hack out a clearing in the forest because there was nowhere to stop. But here are a couple of the nice ones.

Desperate for some shade on a hot and sunny afternoon. There are worse problems to have!

This, on the other hand, was a miserable campsite, but it had been a loooong day and there was nothing to be found. This particular site was pre-Albany River proper, and it was on a lake with a fishing lodge so lots of motorboats charging around. We dubbed this awful spot Mosquito Island, although Garbage Island would have been just as accurate. We look a lot happier in this picture than we were actually were. Dinner was the highlight.

We also scored a couple nights of relative luxury. For example:

Picturesque, but I’m not sure it would pass a health and safety assessment

We kept a pretty relaxed pace. This left lots of time for reading. I plowed through all the books we brought, and then started reading Max’s french novel. I may have also liberated a magazine from a fishing lodge that was closed for the winter.

Lots of relaxation to be had as well.

And some evening games of crib.

Max and Etienne slept on caribou furs (for real). Jack loved to sneak his way onto them. We compromised by turning him into a card table.

We took a detour up the Eabamet River to Eabamet Lake, where Fort Hope is located. Fort Hope is a remote First Nation community, fly-in access for most of the year, with a winter road during the colder months. Of course, with global warming the window for the road is getting smaller and smaller. We spent two nights camped across the lake from Fort Hope, and paddled over on the layover day. Fort Hope is in a beautiful spot, but unfortunately shares many of the same problems as other remote First Nations, with unemployment and drug and alcohol abuse major concerns. That said, we met some awesome kids and lots of interesting people who were happy to chat for a bit. The second night we woke up around 2am to some stunning northern lights dancing over the town. Conor got some great pictures – and you can see them in the May or June 2013 issue of Canoe and Kayak magazine :). In the meantime, here is a photo from our campsite across from Fort Hope.

More to come!




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