Posted by: kimmeroo | November 27, 2012

Albany River 2012, Part 3

The Albany provided a bit of everything. There were nice flatwater sections.

And there were also a lot of fun rapids.

Little rapid

Big rapid! This is one of the biggest rapids we have ever run. Big waves, big rocks, big fun. We made Jack stay on shore with Max for this one.

The idea was that Jack would run the shore while we ran rapids, but he quickly proved his ineptitude at that, and ended up in the boat most of the time.

We spent a night camping at the famous Frenchman Rapids so we could play around in them. Well, famous within canoe nerd circles anyways. Whatever.

Conor and I:

Max and Etienne running the hero line. We ran the meat on our second run, but had a self-timer fail and didn’t get any photos.

We also had the pleasure (?) of getting chased off the lake by some big storms. This photo was taken a km or so before our Fort Hope campsite,  shortly before taking shelter on shore.

This storm got pretty intimidating for a few minutes. There was a massive, low cloud, that started to circle back towards us… like, um, the start of a tornado… fortunately it smartened up and eventually headed away from us.

We cooked on the fire for just about every meal. Making the fire pit was an art form. Here are a few of our kitchens.

This particular fire pit holds fond memories for Conor of cooking fish in the pouring rain.

The only fire pit I built, straight out of Narnia. Usually the boys took care of the fire pit and the fire wood, while I set up our house.

Second last night at Marten Falls

Oh yeah, as we neared the edge of the Canadian Shield the black flies came out.

They were enough to drive you nuts, bouncing off your face and crawling in your ears/nose/eyes/whatever they could find… but they were also incredibly lacking in survival skills, because they didn’t actually bite.

One last post to come!


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