Posted by: kimmeroo | November 27, 2012

Albany River 2012, Part 4

Along with the canvas tent and caribou furs, Etienne and Max carried all their gear in traditional canvas packs, duffels, and a wooden wannigan. It was quite neat to see all the traditional gear in action, and has given us some ideas for future trips.

Jack posing next to the wannigan and a duffel.

Max portaging the wannigan and the baby (the smallest duffel) through a recently burned area. The first few days on the river were spent paddling largely through a recent burn, which made portaging and finding campsites a challenge.

Max demonstrating how to be a true voyageur

It was fun having Jack along, although had we known just how big some of the rapids were we might have been a bit more wary. Fortunately, all went well.


He was supposed to sleep in the vestibule. But he is just so darn cute…

Snoozing under a tree

We got picked up on day 28 at another First Nation community, Ogoki Post. Unfortunately we didn’t have any time to see the community, as we were in a rush to get picked up before the forecasted mega-winds started.


Our chariot arrives

My first time on a float plane – pretty exciting!

Inside. Jack wasn’t phased a bit.

Incredible views

And here is the group back at the base. Crazy how it took less than 2h to cover what took us 28 days to paddle.

All in all, an incredible. Such a different feeling to be out on a trip of that length. I refuse to call it a trip of a lifetime though, because I plan on many more! The only question is, what’s next :)?


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