Posted by: kimmeroo | January 25, 2013

Please please please don’t disappear

Twice now I have written this post, and twice it has been eaten by wordpress. First time, I hit publish, and when I went to view it, the title was there but the post was blank. Second time I thought I’d be smarter, so before hitting publish I hit save… and it disappeared and couldn’t be revived. WTF wordpress, WTF?! This time I’m writing it in Microsoft Word, so at least I won’t lose all the text when it disappears… crossing my fingers that third time’s the charm.

The gist of the post is that winter has returned, and with a vengeance. Hard to believe it was warm and rainy just a couple weeks back. Now the snowbanks are piled high again, and the past week has seen some truly frigid temps. However, last Sunday was a nice, sunny, albeit cold, day, so we persevered and went for a backcountry ski near our friend Craig’s place north of the city.

The goal was some tele runs on a slope hear his house. 3 members of our little posse opted to drive to the top, and 3 of us toured up via a longer route. On the tour up I warmed up enough to take a couple of photos.



That was the sum total of my picture taking. The rest of the photos are taken from Lorraine and Jorma, who somehow managed to maintain manual dexterity, a feat which pretty much blows my Raynaud’s-affected mind.

The dogs wondered why we were so slow.


Craig dominating the up-trail.


I’m told that I strongly resembled a martian. I say, at least I was a warm martian. Or at least, a not-quite-hypothermic martian. Actually, immediately after this picture was taken I exchanged my puffy vest for my full on puffy jacket. Which I wore for the climb back up and the whole ski out. And didn’t come close to overheating. Just sayin’.


Then we decided we were all getting cold and tired. So we skied back to Craig’s house. And drank tea. And head chips. Apres of champions. Then headed back home to have hot showers, drink more hot tea, and hibernate under a pile of blankets.

It was a marvelous day (really).

The end.



  1. Your posting really strgtahiened me out. Thanks!

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