Posted by: kimmeroo | January 27, 2013

2013 Goals

I have been intending to write a post with some goals for the upcoming year, but I can be terribly indecisive and kept changing my mind on what I wanted to focus on. However, I think I have landed on a few things, and if I change my mind, then so be it.

So with that said, this year I’m planning to….

1. Rehab my IT Band – in November my IT band started really hurting while I was running, and I pretty much haven’t run since. It is much better now, but there was a bit of a twinge when skiing the other day… need to start doing some single leg squats and research other exercises/stretches to get this back to 100%. The next goal kinda depends on a functional IT band and the ability to run…

2. Race!**

Last year was a great year for tripping. The Pukaskwa River… Temagami… the Agawa River… a quick sea kayak trip.. our 28 day Albany River trip… it was fantastic. Unfortunately, it was also due somewhat to my employment situation (i.e frequently unemployed), along with an understanding supervisor.

This year, on the other hand, I’m working at a job I enjoy, but that won’t give me the flexibility to take off on a whim.. for weeks at a time… I still plan to get out on some good trips, but I know that realistically I won’t be able to spend as much time in the backcountry. A bummer, but instead of sitting at home moping I’m going to set my sights on a few good racing goals instead.

Here is a tentative race schedule:

1. Run the Great Lakes 5k – Last year I ran my fastest 5k ever at the Run the Great Lakes 5k. I’d like to run it again this year (and, ideally, beat last year’s time)

2. Spanish River Half Marathon – Last year I ran (if can call what I did ‘running’) the Spanish River half marathon, and almost died. This year I would like to run it again, and actually have a decent race. There is also a 10k option at this race, if need be.

3. St. Joseph Island Triathlon – This is a great local event. I’ve done the sprint duathlon twice. Missed it last year because we were away on our big canoe trip. This is an especially big year for the event – it’s the 10 year anniversary. If I’m really ambitious, might try to get ready for the sprint tri. If I’m slightly less ambitious, the duathlon. Or, if I haven’t been biking, I could try to rally a team.

St Joseph Island Triathlon

4. Try-a-Trail 22k trail race – A few years (2009 I think?) I ran a 22k trail race near Winnipeg, and had a fantastic race (beating my Spanish River time by 20ish minutes…and the race was longer and on trails!). I would like to run this one again this year, and run another strong race.

5. A marathon??? – Okay, this is a real long shot. Especially with the IT band issues I had in Nov/Dec (and still haven’t really started running yet…). But I’ll start slow, and see where I am 4.5 months before the Toronto Waterfront Marathon in October 20th. If I’m running enough km at that point, might consider starting Hal Higdon’t novice 1 training plan at that point…Don’t hold your breath for this one though.

3. Don’t neglect the other aspects of health and fitness – take a holistic approach

It’s easy to say that you’re going to get fitter by adding in more workouts and hammering harder. This year, however, I’m determined not to fall into that trap. Instead, I want to focus on smart training, plus spending more time and effort preparing healthy meals from scratch, getting enough sleep, and making time for complementary activities like yoga and post-workout stretching.

4. Volunteer

I think volunteering is a great way to contribute. Sooo many incredibly important things rely on volunteers. This goal is a pretty easy one to meet – I’m already on the board of directors for the Algoma Highlands Conservancy and the organizing committee for the local Relay for Life, so all I have to do is not quit :).

5. Improve my French

I used to be good with French. Did the immersion program through high school, and even did a bilingual undergrad. But it’s amazing how quickly you lose language skills when not using them regularly! No major plans here, apart from listening to French CBC driving to and and from work, and maybe doing some reading if I can find some good books at the library.

6. Hike the Towab trail and the Awausee trail in Lake Superior Provincial Park


So there you have it. Some goals for the upcoming year. Of course, the unstated but even more important goal is to continue having fun family backcountry adventures as often as possible, so rest assured that none of the above will be interfering with that!

**Originally this list included the Sleeping Giant Loppet. I was going to fly to Tbay to meet my parents for the race. Unfortunately, over the weekend my Dad had a bad wipeout on a steep downhill in a ski loppet and broke his collarbone :(. Half the fun was going to be doing the race with him (and harassing him about it prior to), so I decided to can this one. Maybe next year.


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