Posted by: kimmeroo | January 30, 2013

Ice Fall Tour

This past weekend we skied one of the classic nearby backcountry routes that some friends discovered/created a few years ago. We dubbed it the Ice Fall Tour, because it passes many frozen waterfalls.

It was Mike’s first time backcountry touring. The first real downhill had a sharp turn and a small creek to avoid at the bottom. For some reason none of us saw any reason to warn Mike of the obstacles… but don’t worry, the dogs were happy to help him get back on his feet.


Conor thought it was all quite hilarious.

We were a bit worried when we left the house in the morning to meet the gang for breakfast, as it was about -5C, but raining. Not exactly conducive to a nice ski day. Fortunately, by the time we finished breakfast and were headed to the trailhead it had pretty much cleared up.

Crossing through the swamps.

A couple of the many ice falls



Jorma is a really good skier

Jack was cute as always. Well, until the end when he was totally disobeying and being a compete Jacka** and driving us totally nuts… but at this point in the day, we were still all on happy terms :).



Man I love winter.



  1. That is so much snow that it makes it look so pretty!!
    I’ve never went skiing before – it would turn into a total disaster, I’m sure! lol

    • It was gorgeous! I love skiing – I have been cross country skiing way longer than I have been running. Such a fantastic workout too. Toronto isn’t the easiest spot to start learning how to ski though, I guess :p

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