Posted by: kimmeroo | March 6, 2013

March Goals

Well, we are getting well into March (this winter is flying!), and I have a couple of goals in my head but haven’t yet put anything down on paper. So, here goes!

1. Run 3x a week

I stopped running in early November with a mega sore IT band. I started again last month, twice a week, and worked up to two 5.5k runs last week. Not breaking any distance records, that’s for sure, but no pain! I would like to ramp that up to 3x a week this month, but with the caveat that with any sign of pain I’ll be backing right off.

Spanish River Half Marathon July 15
Running again, but won’t be shorts weather for awhile yet! More like layers and layers and spikes on my shoes.

2. Stretch! And foam roll!

Related to number 1… to avoid said pain returning, I am committed to stretching, ideally every day, for at least a few minutes. I actually visited a physio as I was starting to run again who gave me a bunch of stretches. I have also been reading about the benefits of foam rolling, and am trying to track one down. Neither Sportcheck nor Winners had one, so I’ll try Walmart next…

3. Eat wheat free

This is a bit of an experiment based on some reading I’ve been doing. I won’t be sticking to it 100% (failed already), but I’ll stick with it as best I can. The more I read the more I’m interested in striving for a more paleo-type diet, so this is  start anyways.

4. No more than two desserts a week

This is a bit of a challenge I have set with my Mom. We each set our own personal goals to strive for until we see each other again in April. I focused on dessert because I was starting to reach for the sweets a tad too often! Fortunately the winter rush of office birthdays (including mine!) is over now. Aaaand desserts while winter camping don’t count – need those calories to stay warm through the night! For real!

Our tent  – buried in the back (photo credit: Conor)

5. Strength train

This one will be easy – I just started crossfit again and I love it so I’m pretty sure I can keep this up no problem!

That’s it that’s all! Short and sweet.



  1. You absoluely need those calories!! Good luck getting back into running. Coming back to any sport from an injury is always a challenge. Hope you rock it!

    • Thanks! I’m lucky that I’ve been able to ski tons without aggravating it so I haven’t missed running too much. But I want to work back into it so that once skiing ends I’m not starting from scratch.

  2. I hope your IT band continues to get better and you can meet your running goals!

    I love number 4 – i might steal that idea! With the very little working out lately, there’s been a looot of sweets eaten!

    • I’m the same way! Funny how working out less leads to more sweet things?! I’m holding pretty strong now that I’m more accountable to someone else, and looking forward to a nice reward in Toronto…why hello there lululemon ;)!

  3. That’s great that your IT band pain hasn’t been back since you started running again. Good luck! Injuries are no fun! I really want to go camping in the snow…it looks so fun.

    • Thanks – I’m taking it slow and keeping my fingers crossed.

      Camping in the snow is awesome, but definitely more challenging than summer camping. With every trip we figure it out a bit more though…

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