Posted by: kimmeroo | March 30, 2013

Real Hounds

We’re housesitting for some friends who are meandering around Europe right now. And when I say ‘house’ sitting, what I really mean is ‘house-dog-horse-fish’ sitting. Oh, and we have our dog with us too. It’s a real menagerie! Fortunately the location is ideal for tiring out energetic hounds – we can put on our skis and head into the back 40 and there’s plenty of terrain to be touring for a few hours. It’s marvelous. There’s also a cross country ski area nearby that has closed for the season, but there is still plenty of snow – i.e., it’s a free for all, dogs included! We took advantage yesterday, and skied for about 3h on the trails.

This morning started off with some puppy snuggles. Jack likes to think he’s a lap dog (and we encourage it, because he’s just so gosh darn cute).


And this is Heikki, aka H-Bomb, aka Hank Snow. He’s pretty cute too. He is also solid muscle, and can run 60km/hour. Don’t mess with the H-Bomb. Although, really, the most dangerous thing about him is when his whip-like tail is wagging!


No pictures from the various skis and snowshoes, but I think these pictures are evidence enough that we have successfully been tiring them out!




I think the 40 year old horse (yes, 40, maybe even a bit older) deserves a post of his own, so I’ll save that for another day.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Easter weekend!



  1. Cute doggies! My dog is currently living with my husband and I miss her so much (I miss him more, don’t worry!).

    • Aw that sucks! My husband is away a lot, but at least I usually have the dog at home with me – no fun to miss them both at once 😦

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