Posted by: kimmeroo | April 4, 2013

King Clancy

I mentioned in the previous post that we are also taking care of a horse. An old horse. A very old horse. We’re talking a 40 year old horse.

Well, that might be an exaggeration. That is, an under– exaggeration. He is at least 40, possibly even 41 or 42. He is one old dude.

Here he is, in all his shaggy, swaybacked glory:


His name is Clancy, but we’re of the opinion that he has earned the regal title of King Clancy. So that’s what we call him. Here is another picture of His Royal Highness from earlier this winter. Looks like something took a bit out of his back.


Clancy is pretty low maintenance. His life revolves around eating. Every morning, let him out and give him hay outside. Every evening, let him in and give him kibble and hay inside. Actually, he can open the barn door to let himself in, so it’s always a race to see if I can get his food in before he gets himself in. If he feels that you’re too late feeding him, he’ll complain loudly, but otherwise he’s pretty chill.

I have to admit that every time we housesit I harbour the fear that he’ll kick the bucket on our watch, but he’s hanging tough so far.

To round out the menagerie, there is also a fish. It doesn’t deserve it’s own post. In fact, I don’t even know if it has a name. But at least now it has a moment of fame(?) on the internet.



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