Posted by: kimmeroo | April 6, 2013

March Goals Recap, and Goals for April

Well, even though it is currently snowing outside, we’re already almost a week into April, so time to recap how things went in March, and plan ahead for the rest of this month. Without further ado, here were my goals for March:

1. Run 3x a week – ran 3x a week the first half of the month, but then the IT band starting niggling a bit, so dropped down to two short runs. Disappointing that the issue is still there, but I wouldn’t say that I ‘failed’ in meeting this goal – gotta run smart!

2. Stretch! And foam roll! – work in progress, but definitely improving. I found a foam roller at Winners so am all dialed in equipment wise.

3. Eat wheat free – another work in progress. Definitely decreased wheat, but it wasn’t eliminated completely.

4. No more than two desserts a week – fell off the wagon a bit with this one, darnit.

5. Strength train – success! Hit crossfit 2-3x a week.

Now, on to April! I’m going with some bigger, overarching goals this month.


Eat a primarily plants-based diet with Whole30/Paleo-esque and Thrive diet influences

To be clear, I won’t be eating as per Whole3o or paleo guidelines, but I’m using those as a jumping off point. Basically, I’m going to focus on eating a primarily plants-based diet focusing on protein, fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds… which sounds like it could be Whole30/Paleo, but not so. Here are the general guidelines I have decided on.

  • Protein. I’m not super stoked on eating meat all. the. time. I’m not a vegetarian and will be eating meat, but will also be including a variety of vegetarian protein options.  I’ll try to focus on the Whole30 ‘approved’ ones like tofu, tempeh, and edamame, and the recommendations in the Thrive Diet, but if the odd refined soy product makes its way into my meals, no biggie. Not gonna lie, that sweet potato hash with veggie ground I had for lunch today was pretty yummy.

Source                                       Source

  • Carbs. I’ll be focusing on whole foods, but not relying only on fruits and veggies. For instance, I have some gluten-free wraps that I bought the other day, which I will be eating. I’m sure I’ll also be including pseudo-grains like quinoa sometimes. Baseline will be wheat free, better will be gluten free (including pseudo-grains and rice), an interesting test would be grain free.
  • Continue eating legumes
  • Minimal dairy, but I’m okay with some good quality greek yogurt.
  • Avoid added sugar and artificial sweeteners
  • Although I’m avoiding sugar, gluten, etc. I’m not at the point of scrutinizing labels. I’m not worrying too much about whether there is any gluten or sugar in any pre-made sauces, or things that other people make.

So that’s the overall approach. At some point I might do a stricter challenge, but this should work for now. I’ll be tracking my food and how I do each day in terms of eating sugar free, grain free, etc.


These goals pretty much carry on from last month. Overall aim is a well-rounded approach to fitness.

  • Run smart. Rather than aim for a certain number of runs per week, I’ll listen to my body and see how I can progress. Right now I plan to start at 2 runs a week, and maybe start increasing those distances a little bit before adding a third day. We shall see!
  • Increase consistency in stretching and foam rolling.
  • Crossfit 2-3x a week
  • Cross train beyond crossfit and running – throw in some skiing if there’s snow, sessions on the rower and elliptical, circuits, etc.

So there ya go, it’s been up and down the first few days of April, but much of the month remains for sticking to these goals.

Aaaand in other news it is starting to snow even harder. Seriously Mother Nature??? Yeesh.




  1. Your diet sounds pretty much exactly like the one I am following in an effort to avoid thrush, which is the worst thing ever while breastfeeding. I have an amazing carrot muffin recipe if you are interested (wheat and grain free, but fairly high caloric. Of course I am nursing a newborn so I get a major pass at that. Yessss).

    • Thrush eh? No idea what that is, but it sounds rough! Hopefully you’re successfully avoiding it. Since writing this post I have decided to pretty much become a vegetarian (still eat eggs and fish). The only reason I wasn’t was being too nervous/shy to tell people, and I decided that was a stupid reason. This month I am doing a somewhat restrictive vegan challenge, with additional challenges of no processed food, no sweetener, no gluten… I’m not sticking to it 100%. Mostly it’s good motivation to try a bunch of new foods and recipes. Even made homemade almond milk the other day, and then made sugar free-grain free-oil free cookies with the leftover almond pulp. Delish.

      Anyhow, I would love that recipe! Could be good for camping trips too perhaps.

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