Posted by: kimmeroo | April 21, 2013

First Paddle of 2013

Yesterday we skied, and today we paddled! Yes my friends, we have entered the spring transition season. Where it’s not great weather for anything, but it’s acceptable for a wide variety of things. Hence the skiing-paddling weekend. We took the boats out for a quick spin on the local river here in town. It was windier than we realized, which made it pretty chilly on the paddle back (upwind). I wasn’t too inclined to try for on-the-water photography with freezing cold hands, while bouncing around in the waves on a freezing cold river, so the photos I have are nothing to write home about. Nonetheless, worth documenting the first time this year, I think (actually, Conor was out earlier this week, but it was my first paddle this year. It was even colder and windier the other day so I wimped out).

This was the best launching site we could find. It was a bit sketchy. Not sketchy in a serious way, but sketchy in an I-almost-got-a-bootful-of-water-and-ice sorta way.


Our friend Bruce taking his first paddle strokes of the year.

Then it got cold and windy, and the only time I tried to use my camera on the water the battery was too cold so it didn’t work. Thus, here was are loading up and heading home.



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