Posted by: kimmeroo | May 12, 2013

First Canoeing of the Year

Well, the other day we had our first kayak paddle of 2013, and this past weekend was the first canoe paddle. We got lucky with a few days of true summer temps, and last Saturday was one of them. I think it was above 25C (and now it’s snowing…but let’s focus on the positive). The rivers were pumping, so we hooked up with some of our kayak friends to paddle an easy section of a local river, the Goulais. There are a few rapids on the stretch we did, but nothing too crazy. All the rocks were well underwater, so no worries about hitting anything. The first couple of rapids just had some big wave trains to deal with, and the last rapid, which is usually the most challenging, was pretty much washed out.

The water was high. Usually we have to scramble down a steep bank to launch. At times the water was spilling out of the river and flowing through the trees… to the extent that Jorma and Lorraine actually skipped one river bend by paddling through the forest. Kayak equivalent of tree skiing???


Ready, set, paddle!DSCF2274

Clearly we were dressed for immersion…or not. Fortunately at no point were we immersed.


Snack break in the sun. Lovely.




  1. What a lovely scenery…we also done paddling atleast 4x this year, but your adventure is a bit different, paddling through the forest, can you believe that! cool! Lol!

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