30 Before 30

I turn 30 in January 2014. Here are some (mostly) fun things to do between now and then!

1. Run a half marathon
2. Make a chai latte at home
3. Maintain and improve the blog
4. Stretch
5. Donate blood Done (March 2013)!
6. Clean up my diet (reading a few books right now and starting to define where I want to go with this)
7. Garden (either at home or at the community garden at the university where I work)
8. Clean and organize the basement
9. Volunteer
10. See Niagara Falls Done (April 2013)!
11. Have a girls’ weekend at the cottage (Ladypalooza 2013!)
12. Hike the Towab Trail
13. Shop at an outdoor Farmers Market
14. Eat an ice cream treat at Scoops
15. Swim in Lake Superior
16. Cook and try new recipes regularly
17. Strength train
18. Clean my car, inside and out –> it’s a disaster
19. Become an organ donor
20. See a show in Toronto with my Mom and sister-in-law
21. Make homemade almond milk
22. Track monthly spending
23. Go on a girls’ backpacking trip
24. Hike the Awausee trail
25. Go berry picking
26. Learn how to change a rear bike tire (again… maybe I should say learn and remember how)
27. Purge and organize the house
28. Go to a concert
29. 1% for the planet (donate 1% of my annual income)
30. Join a CSA


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